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Rumors, Questions and Myths
8 Embarrassing Women's Health Questions--Answered


Why do some women have moustaches and others don't? Can you prevent your breasts from sagging? What's a normal vaginal discharge? Experts give the details on the questions some women are just too embarrassed to ask.

4 Men's Health Questions You're Too Embarrassed to Ask

man-crazy-crossed-eyesEmbarrassed to ask your doctor some of those less savory questions? Ours aren't afraid to answer! Here, they cover erectile dysfunction, baldness, testicular cancer and why you have to turn your head and cough.

4 Common Home-Care Mistakes When Treating Stitches, Casts, Vomiting and Diarrhea

Can you swim with a waterproof cast? Should you drink fluids if you're vomiting? Dr. Hubbard addresses common mistakes, questions and myths.

Sensationalized Health Stories: Diet Soda, Bipolar, Antidepressants and More

Here are our picks for the most sensationalized health stories from 2007, including stories about bipolar disorder, dangerous cruises, diet soda, antidepressant, toxic bodies and effortless weight loss.

Weird Things The Body Does: Why We Hiccup, Yawn, Itch and More

woman-laughing-glassesA doctor explains what causes us to hiccup; sneeze; itch; yawn; and get a brain freeze, chills, goose bumps (goosebumps) and muscle twitches. Plus: What makes your joints pop, and why does your funny bone hurt so badly?

14 Nutrition Myths and Facts: Busting Open the Rumor Mill


Is bottled water better than tap? Should you eat fruit on an empty stomach? Can using plastic in the microwave cause cancer? Get the facts and bust the myths on 14 nutriton rumors.

7 Winter-Health Questions - With Expert Tips


Expert answers to curious winter-health questions. What's the Christmas heart attack? What are the best cough medicines? Are poinsettias poisonous to children?

Medical Jargon

What do "clinically proven," "double blind" and "non-habit-forming" mean? And what's the difference between "free-range" and "cage-free"? Find the interesting definitions here.

10 Medical Myths, Facts and Rumors: Are They True? Doctors Answer
Doctors answer 10 rumors and myths about sex, reproduction, pregnancy, cancer and more. Get the facts about what you've heard, and learn whether the claims are true.



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