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Sexual Health
After-Effects of Abortion: Are There Long-Term Problems?
universal-health-care-thumb.gifSome activists say abortion affects women negatively for years, both physically and mentally. Others say that's nonsense; abortion has no long-term after-effects. Who's right? Two doctors examine the evidence.
The Morning-After Pill: What It Is, How It Works, and Whether It Causes Abortion

abortion-and-the-pill-2.jpgA doctor explains how the morning-after pill works and whether this form of emergency contraception is the same as the abortion pill.

When Does Life Begin? Medical Experts Debate Abortion Issue
universal-health-care-thumb.gifWhen does life begin? Two experts share their opinions on this issue, as it relates to abortion. They discuss scientific and religious views. Share your opinions here too.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: How to Prevent and Treat
sept07-freerideTreatment and prevention for common STDs, or STIs. Includes symptoms, best ways to to try to prevent spreading them, and long-term dangers.
Elective C-Sections: Doctors Debate Risks Versus Planning

debate-c-sectionDoctors debate the elective cesarean section controversy: should all women be able to plan a C-section? Some say yes. Others say the risks are too great.

Can Foods Treat or Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

man-eating-healthyNo one food treats erectile dysfunction, but a healthy diet may help. Here's why. Also included: Does the supplement L-argentine cure ED?

Do Birth Control Pills Cause Abortions? An Ob-Gyn's Take

abortion-and-the-pill-thumb.jpgSome people have claimed that birth control pills can cause abortions. But is that true? A doctor looks into the debate, and offers an unbiased—and perhaps surprising—rundown of what various groups believe.


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